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Step Right Up Folks

Everybody and their brother are talking about how the jobs numbers have been cooked. They are now saying that a large state was left out of the tally. I am not surprised. There’s plenty I won’t put past this Administration.

The real problem is their disdain for America and Americans. Believing that we are stupid, mindless sheep who will latch on to silly catch phrases drives them to do their dog and pony show. The dog and pony incidentally are cardboard cutouts.

The federal government has been turned into a carnival where the main attraction is a freak show. The Executive Branch is adept at performing classic misdirection and games of pass the blame. Transparency is an illusion.

Instead of transparency, we are given smoke, mirrors and sarcasm—lots and lots of sarcasm. Like a barker, the White House directs our eyes to the shows they want us to see. Pay no attention to the people outside the tent. We may never know the entire truth of what happened in Libya, but the lies they t…

Debate Dichotomy

Gary Johnson is not allowed to participate in the debate tonight. I honestly think that both parties are afraid of his political allure.

I don’t think the debates between Obama and Romney are that important. It’ll be the same ol’ same old crap we’ve been hearing over and over from both of them.

However, if Gary Johnson were included, then the debates would matter. Different ideas would be heard. Discourse might actually happen in this country.

We need to change the dialogue. The media gatekeepers perpetuate this stale rhetoric. Our ears are tired of being filled with the load of nothingness. Too many of us have turned our backs. Too many of us have said that there is nothing we can do.

This is simply not true. We can do something. The Constitution gives us the right of peaceful assembly. In this digital age, assembly may need to take place on the internet.

Open a dialogue in which everyone can participate. It is time we no longer feel powerless. Our votes do count. We j…