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Bite Your Tongue

With all that is going on in the country scandal wise, it is hard to just choose one on which to focus. But, I will try. This lack of privacy we’ve been joking about for years has become truth. Unbelievably, some are okay with it. They say it is necessary and all that rot. Fighting terror... blah, blah, blah.
I have two words: Downward Spiral. Well, I do have more than just two, but I digress.
There are those who say, “I have nothing to hide.” Is that the point? Do we need something to hide to want to keep our lives private? People do not install fences around their properties because they want to do something nefarious in their backyards. We want to choose what we share with others, not be forced to stand naked in town square. Well, at least that way we would know that we were naked in town square. The problem is that all of us are being treated like criminals. Unless we go to the airport, we do not know that every inch of our lives is being scrutinized. Our Constituti…