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The Faltering of the Republican Party

Everywhere you look, someone is talking about why the Republicans lost the Presidential election and only gained one seat in the House and lost two in the Senate. I haven’t been listening to anyone. Ruminating over the past few days, I have come up with my own theory—the Republican Party itself.

If you are a regular reader of my opinions, then you will know that I am not a proponent of the two party system or an any number party system for that matter. However, I feel the Republican message is not what voters really want to hear.

The Republicans think they have this large conservative base that they need to appease. That is why Romney picked Ryan as his running mate, which was a huge mistake. Ryan is too far right, although left of Santorum. This “base” is not as big as the pundits would lead us to believe. These people are the ultra conservative fringe of the party.

People such as myself are where the party’s focus should be if they wish to survive. Unfortunately, they keep …

What We Need in the White House

I was going to do pros and cons of each of the big three running for President as I see them. However, on this day before the election, I thought it best to keep it simple.

We need integrity. Integrity to do what is right instead of what is ideological.
We need responsibility. One who will take responsibility for his actions and his rhetoric.
We need courage. Courage to buck the party to do what is right for our country.
We need patience. Patience to refrain from ramming through legislation without giving people time to read it.
We need confidence. The confidence to go through each day without a cult of celebrity.
We need restraint. Practicing monetary restraint before there is nothing ahead of us but collapse.
We need humility. The humility to know that not all the answers to our problems lie at the Federal level.
We need understanding. Understanding of how the country works from all levels of government to the private sector.
We need honesty. When he looks at the American …