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Fight or Flight

Mid East violence has hit a new high against the US. Flags burn. Embassies and consulates are being attacked. At least one diplomat is dead. Anti-American chants reverberate through the streets. At what point do we bring our people home?

Humans have retained basic survival instincts since the beginnings of humanity—fight or flight. Both of these actions increase our chance of survival. What does not is just sticking around for the heck of it.

In these highly violent areas, we are neither fighting nor fleeing. Sure, we shut down the embassy in Indonesia. But why are we allowing these sorts of attacks? Workers in the embassies or consulates are innocent civilians. Most do not even have proper military defense for these little bits of America in foreign lands.

Declaring war is not a feasible option. We simply do not have the resources to attack an entire string of nations after our three “wars” (including our involvement in Libya). Nor do we have the stomach to sustain a long,…

What I Want from My Country

I want an end to our “wars” and for our troops to come home as soon as possible.
I want the government to protect us by protecting our borders not by preemptive strikes or monitoring its law-abiding citizens.
I want the government to stop regulating us excessively.
I want to stop the “Federalization” of life’s every aspect. Government is best on smaller scales.
I want sovereignty to be returned to the states.
I want the government to stop pushing any kind of social agenda on the people.
I want the Internet to be free of regulation and without a “kill switch.”
I want the Constitution to be the rule of law, not some old document.
I want the balance of power to return to the constitutionally granted checks and balances.
I want the government to stop spending so much money.
I want the government to stop interfering in the economy so that it can run its natural course.
I want simplified taxes.
I want an end to the divisiveness of the two party system.
I want the government to leave us alone to live o…

The New Normal

Less and less Americans have jobs. Prices keep jumping higher and higher. Crime seeps even further into our streets. Americans are dying abroad. Our flag’s ashes mix with the sands of foreign lands.

Every time I read a new headline on Drudge, my insides drop and unrelenting sadness crashes over me like a tidal wave and I try to not let myself be pulled under with the current.

The election is less than two months away. We can get out of this maelstrom.

Demos and Graphics

All over the news, “they” keep saying that single women vote Democrat and married women vote Republican. Where do “they” come up with this stuff?

Personally, I am sick of being told that I should be one way or another because I fit a certain demographic. The ubiquitous they feel the need to pigeon hole us into convenient little boxes to make their lives easier.

As a young single woman who has never been married nor have any children, I wholeheartedly resent being thought as though I have no mind of my own. All I am supposed to care about is “reproductive rights,” which actually means access to birth control.

There are those out there who feel that being able to hand out birth control like candy (well more than candy because candy is now a no-no food) will solve all problems. I hate to break it to you, but it does not. Contraceptives are against some religions. Plus, they may lead to other health issues in the long run.

Nowhere in these reproductive diatribes does it mention con…

Big Balloon Drop

The conventions are over. All the confetti has been swept off the convention floor. Politicians are racing to the booths. Each wants your vote, but for whom do you electronically tick the box? Will it be for the donkey, the elephant, or someone else entirely?

As a country, we are at a crossroads. We have the choice to continue down our path of inevitable self-destruction or charge ahead differently than the status quo.

Manufacturing has moved beyond our borders. Our institutions are in shambles. Our government spends much more than it could ever take to cover its debts. The national debt has surpassed 16 trillion dollars. More and more Americans have fallen into the arms of an ever expanding government dole.

Friday morning, the Labor Department released the new jobs numbers for the month of August. 8.1 percent unemployment means that for 43 consecutive months the unemployment rate has been over 8 percent. Full employment is typically 3 to 4 percent. Almost 400,000 people dropped out …


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