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What I Want from My Country

I want an end to our “wars” and for our troops to come home as soon as possible.
I want the government to protect us by protecting our borders not by preemptive strikes or monitoring its law-abiding citizens.
I want the government to stop regulating us excessively.
I want to stop the “Federalization” of life’s every aspect. Government is best on smaller scales.
I want sovereignty to be returned to the states.
I want the government to stop pushing any kind of social agenda on the people.
I want the Internet to be free of regulation and without a “kill switch.”
I want the Constitution to be the rule of law, not some old document.
I want the balance of power to return to the constitutionally granted checks and balances.
I want the government to stop spending so much money.
I want the government to stop interfering in the economy so that it can run its natural course.
I want simplified taxes.
I want an end to the divisiveness of the two party system.
I want the government to leave us alone to live our lives in the manner of our own choosing.

Liberty needs to be protected or we will lose it completely. Everything we have been doing erodes liberty. For this reason, I will choose the candidate for President that will check off the things on my list and then some—Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico and the Libertarian candidate for President.


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